Our  Candle Products

Jar Candles - Paraffin 
Our jar candles are made with high quality ingredients.  Our wax is our own special blend along with a high quality scent and custom colors that we produce.  We take pride in the production of hand-pouring each one.  Our candles scent fills up a room without even lighting it.  We maximize our scent ratio to make sure they are a candle that will smell all the way to the last burn.  Additionally when you burn the candle properly it will not hollow it will burn evenly.  We offer a variety of sizes 3oz, 10oz, 21oz, 24oz and a 16oz rustic.

Tarts & Tea-Lights

Our 6 pack tarts and 6 or 12 pack tea-lights are poured with the same was as our jar candles. Tarts are great for those who choose not to burn a candle.  The squares pop out of the packaging and you put them in the tray of your burner or warmer.  A great way to smell up your house fast.  Tea-lights are wonderful way to burn a candle without the worry.  These tea-lights burn about 4 hours each.  They are great for patios, mantles, weddings and they even float.

Jar Candles - Palm

We have an option for those who chose to be more environmentally conscience.  Palm wax is an all natural wax.  It does not soot while burning.  We use the same process with the palm as we do the paraffin candles.  Our scent and custom colors are still part of the process.  Our palm wax is a crystalizing wax.  It is a very beautiful candle to burn. We offer them in 11oz and 22oz.

Body Butters
Our body butters are our newest product to our business.  We use wonderful blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil.  This body butter is wonderful of dry skin, shaving, or a daily moisturizer.  It does absorb all layers of skin after applying the butter. We offer them in a 4oz jar scented or unscented and no dyes or colors are added to the butter.  

We offer two different types of soap for our customers.  This product is not made by us, however they are locally and hand made.  

4-Roots Soap - Made by Kelly Mowry Conrad and locally made.

Scentric Bath & Body - Made by Suzanne Storelli and locally made.

Burners & Warmers 
Our burners and warmers are used with our tarts.  You place the wax cubes or chunks into the warming tray to melt the wax and fill your house with the aroma from the tarts.  These are great items for those who cannot or may not like the flame of a candle.

Country Rustic Furniture and Decor
Our country rustic furniture and decor is made by us or sometimes local woodworking individuals.  Most of them are not duplicated since they are individually made.  Some items are flipped, antiques, old furniture, doors or windows, into a piece you would love for your home.  

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